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Customized Cut Tube Services

Specialty Metal & Hypodermic Tubing

  • Unique shear cutting process minimizes waste
  • Minimal OD/ID distortion and no collapse
  • Burr free with square cut, uniform edges

Tube Cutting Experts for Over 25 Years

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Precision Metal Tubing SizesCut Tube Dimensions

Lengths from 0.010″ to 18″ ± 0.001″ with diameters 0.015″ to 0.625″

Small Metal Tubing FinishingCut Tube End Formations

Axial knurl, angle cut, bevel, bulged, flange, radius OD, swaging & more

Metal Tube ServicesValue-Added Services

Engineering support, tube bending, end forming, finishing & more

Made in the U.S.A. Since 1985

 Customized Cut Tube Services

Four Slide Products provides contract tube cutting for tubes made from all workable alloys, including stainless steel hypodermic tubing in gauges 3 to 25. Cut tubes are as short as 0.010″, up to 18″, with tolerances to ± 0.001″. Our unique shear cutting process produces square cut edges with little OD/ID distortion and no collapse. In addition, our machines eliminate waste between cuts, saving material costs up to 50%. Cutting options include Supported Shear Cutting, Electro-Chemical Machining (ECM), Electro-Chemical Grinding (ECG), and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM).

 Cut Tube Fabrication & Engineering Support

We offer dependable engineering support to help you select the best alloy, cutting method, bend, end formations, and secondary operations for your cut tube parts. We source all standard tubing sizes, including fractional and gauged (hypodermic) tubing, and we're able to access custom tubing quickly and efficiently through our relationships with numerous mills and foundries. Whether you require hundreds or billions of tubular parts per run, our fast and efficient tube cutting facility produces the highest quality cut tube parts made on-site in the U.S.A.

 Tube Bending, End Forming, & Finishing

We offer roll bending for small tubular parts and hypodermic tubes (0.020″ to 0.100″). This allows us to create one or more single radius bends per part in any direction, as tight as three times the OD center line radius, with zero kinking. We can also produce many tube end formations during the tube cut-off process, which saves you money on handling costs. Our finishing options ensure blemish-free results and include tumbling, deburring, coating, ultrasonic, polish, anneal, plate, Harperize, and passivate, as well as grit, sand, and bead blasting.

 Specialized Options for Cut Tube Parts

Whether you need stainless steel hypodermic tubing machined to your specifications, or precision cut metal spacers and bushings for stand-offs, sleeves, axles, pins, distance bushings, or custom components, rely on Four Slide Products as your single source for small tube cutting, bending, end forming, and finishing. We source materials or work with yours, using all workable alloys to create cut tube parts to your exact specifications. To request a quote, use the contact form below or call our us at (610) 746-0688 to discuss your needs.

 Customer Testimonials

 Four Slide Products provided accurate delivery information not only in the quoting stage but through the production phase.

— Duane D. Riha, Legacy Technologies, Inc.


 Our 280,000 piece order for the Military HumVee program was shipped early, by our request, and was trouble free

— Duane D. Riha, Legacy Technologies, Inc.


 Whatever I need Julie & Paul go out of their way. They make you feel like you are their only customer.

— Sue Callahan, Accumetrics Limited


 Four Slide Products provided functional samples for LTI engineering approval.

— Duane D. Riha, Legacy Technologies, Inc.

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Reliable & Affordable Cut Tube Services

Four Slide Products is a leading fabricator of cut tube parts customized to your exact specifications. Our fast, efficient, multi-stage tube cutting and bending machines are able to accomplish sophisticated tube end formations during the tube fabrication process, burr free, with minimal OD/ID distortion and no collapse.

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